SJ Breytenbach

Entrepreneur, Coach and Business Owner

Hello, I am SJ.

I know that you don't want to read the same old "about stories" all over again.

I know that you are here to have a look at  something what you can change in your life. It can be your finance life, your career, your future, your purpose in life or even your dreams. I don't know excactly, but I do know everything happends with a reason. There is a reason why you have landed here!!

I would like to share my story with you and why I decided to make a life changing decisision. I have a great passion for life and to make a difference where I go. I have started 15 years ago my own coaching business  for children and I enjoyed it alot. Every morning I had a reason to wake up and to enjoy my work. I have a passion to work with children and to make a difference in there life. I believe everybody on this earth have good inside of them. Sometimes you must dig deep to find it and bring that good inside out. 

I knew that my business won't get me in life where I want to.... There was always a  financial cealing in the business. One day I decided to try and expand the business to get an assistant coach and it went very quickly bad. I knew my one man business wil stay a one man business for ever because the coaching is high skilled business. The working hours was not good and the business didn't allow me to do my other passions in life. 

I have a great passion for the outdoors, spending time with family and sport. To be in the outdoors is one of my all time favourite activity with my family. 

One day come and it was one of my worst days in my life. There was an anouncement of a panademic... The panademic destroyed my business and my career. We went into lockdown and our country had one of the worst lockdowns.  I couldn't coach any children anymore. I couldn't reach out to the children. My income stopped in a few minutes... I knew I had to look differently to my business and I must change.. I knew I had to change as a person but also as a businessman and entrepreur. My business of 15 years was destroyed in a few weeks.. My dreams was shattered. I have reach an all time low in my life...

One Friday evening, I was on my couch and was busy searching the web and I came accross a video off a guy in the UK. He shared his story and an oppurtunity online. I thought by myself: "Yeah Right, this can't be true" There is always a question in me  when something come accross my path and that question is  "What if?". I thought by myself, "What if this is true?, What if this can change my life?, What if this oppurtunity is the answer?, What if this oppurtunity can helped me acheive all of my Dreams? What if this oppurtunity can save my coaching business?

I decided to look into the oppurtunity and to investigate into the free trial. I was really amazed to see the communtiy and the business model.  I know that there is no such thing as a quick rich scheme or something like that. I know every business takes hard work and dedication to make it a success and there is defnitley skills set to get. Any business require things to be successfull. This oppurtunity is a business and it can change your life.

 I put blood,sweat and tears for 15 years  into my coaching business and  in weeks the business was destroyed. I saw that the oppurtunity can help me save my coaching business and it did. I took a great part of my coaching business online with the help of this oppurtunity. I have learned so many skills to help me move my business forward.

This oppurtunity gave me a choice to turn around my life and to Dream Big and Achieve Bigger.

 I know that this business is not for everyone and I know there is so many skeptical people around the world and it is okay... The business and the system is proved to be successfull, the only one element what we don't know is what you can do or acheive.. 

I love to share this oppurtunity beacuase this can make a difference in the world..

If you are interested in to see what this oppurtunity is all about then come and join the community and my team. Have a look and decide for yourself if this can change your life..

Thanks, for reading my story and I hope you can take something out of my story.

To Dream with Purpose you can achieve anything in life because there is a date set to you dreams and then it makes it a GOAL.

Just ask yourself one question... "What if?"


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